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At TaxSmart, our experienced staff of friendly tax professionals is dedicated to providing you the highest quality tax preparation services while getting you all the tax credits and deductions you deserve.

Building Our Own Ladder to Success

Our generation of business owners grew up in a world of change and uncertainty. Our idols aren’t the CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies, but the wildly successful entrepreneurs who create companies that change the world.

We’re not interested in the 9-to-5, corner office, and gold watch after 25 years career path. We want our work to make a better world. We want to live a full life now. We’re not waiting until some mythical retirement date to follow our passion.

I’m Bianca Bonilla, and I founded TaxSmart Solutions to give entrepreneurs like myself a simple and affordable option for taxes and accounting after being a corporate bookkeeper and spending over a decade at HR Block. I loved helping small business owners understand their numbers. But I hated being chained to a computer in the same office, day after day. I couldn’t travel or do the things I love. I was ready to leave tax and try something new.

Then I discovered Xero and cloud accounting technology.

Xero Cloud Accounting

With Xero, my team and I can provide business owners real-time data. Information flows automatically into your books so there’s no delay for tedious data entry. Real time data means you always know where your company is. Current information is essential for entrepreneurs today. You need to be agile to take advantage of new opportunities.

The cloud means working anywhere, anytime, using any device. It means collaboration from anywhere in the world, at the times that work for you. It means you don’t have to clear a space for my team members to work in your office or schedule a time for us to come to you. Everyone has flexibility to work with you on your business whenever and wherever is easiest for you.


You’re one step closer to meeting your new tax expert and dedicated account manager.

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